Updated National Data:  Cambodia

Total Population

14,701,717 in 2011

Rural Population

11,521,529 in 2009

78% of total population

Total country area

18,160,674 ha

Total land area (excluding inland water)

17,652,000 ha

Total designated forest area

10,363,789 ha  in 2010

57% of total land area

Actual forest cover

10,363,789 ha  in 2010

57% of total land area

Production Forest

3,374,000 ha

33% of total forest area

Protected forest – soil & water

1,539,416 ha

14.85% of total forest area

Protected forest – biodiversity

3,134,471 ha

30.24% of total forest area

Forest area with official Community Forestry agreements  

CF with official agreements: 229 sites covering 183,725 ha
CFs approved by MAFF: 288 sites covering 250,106 ha

CFs initiated:  451 sites covering 397,745 ha

Carbon stocks

In above and below ground living biomass: 464Mt

In litter: Data not available

In soil: 384 Mt

Deforestation (total forest)

-91,748 ha per year (2006 – 2010)

-0.85 % of total forest area per year (2006 – 2010)

Social/community forestry programs / activities

Community Forestry (CF) under MAFF

Community Forestry for REDD+

Community-Based Production Forest

Community Commercial Forestry  

Partnership Forestry

Community Fisheries under MAFF’s Fishery Administration

Community Protected Areas under MoE

Community Conservation Forestry in protected forests in PFR

Climate Change programs/activities

UN-REDD partner country

2 REDD pilot projects

4 CDM projects (non-forestry)


5 pilots of FA-CCCA project

RECOFTC Cambodia Projects