Updated National Data:  Republic of Indonesia

Total Population

237,641,326 in 2010 (National Census 2010, Statistic Centre Bureau)

Rural Population

119,321,070 in 2010 (National Census 2010, Statistic Centre Bureau) 50.21% of total population

Total area

190,457,000 ha

Total land area (excluding inland water bodies)

181,157,000 ha

Area classified as forest

130,680,000 ha

72.1% of total land

Forest cover

89,630,000 ha[1] (Ministerial Regulation No P.49/Menhut-II/2011 on National Level Forestry Plan 2011-2030)

86.6% of area defined as forest

49.47% of total land area

Production Forest

57,060,000 ha (production forest and limited production forest)

43.6% of area defined as forest

63.6% of actual forest cover

Protected forest – soil and water

22,667,000 ha

24% of total forest area

Protected forest – biodiversity conservation

15,144,000 ha

16% of total forest area

Forest area with official CF agreements  

143,065 ha (HKm and Hutan Desa)

0.109% of total forest area[2]

Carbon stocks

In above & below ground living biomass: 13,017 Mt

In litter: Data not available

In soil: Data not available

Rates of deforestation

-832,127 ha per year from 2006-09[3]


Social/community forestry programmes/activities

Hutan Kemasyarakatan/HKm (community-based forest)

Hutan Desa (village forest)

Hutan Tanaman Rakyat/HTR (community-based forest estate)

Kemitraan (Partnership)

Kawasan Dengan Tujuan Istimewa/KDTI (special purpose zones)

Pengelolaan Hutan bersama Masyarakat/PHBM (managing forests with local communities)

Model Desa Konservasi (conservation village model)

Hutan Rakyat/private community-forestry income generation;

Hutan Adat (customary forest)

Sistem Hutan Kerakyatan/SHK (community-based forest system)

Climate Change Mitigation programmes/activities

Partner country for UN-REDD Programme, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) & Forest Investment Program (FIP)

63 CDM projects (none in A/R) registered by the Executive Board of CDM with a potential to produce 13 MtCO2e.

More than a dozen bilateral and multilateral partnerships for REDD readiness, including (USAID, Norwegian Government, GIZ, KOICA, etc). Examples of ongoing projects include: The Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership (KFCP); the Indonesia-Norway letter of intent on reducing GHGs from deforestation and degradation; and the Berau Forest Carbon Programme.

Climate Change Adaptation programmes/activities

National Action Plan Addressing Climate Change (RANPI) 2007

Indonesia Climate Change Sectoral Roadmap 2010

National Development Planning: Indonesia Responses to Climate Change, 2010


[1] Data from Ministerial Regulation No P.49/Menhut-II/2011 on National Level Forestry Plan 2011-2030. Source: Directorate-General of Forestry Planning, Ministry of Forestry

[2] Up to October 2012, based on the Ministerial Regulation on Community Forest and Village Forest, Provincial and District Government have obtained licences for certain communities and villages to manage 143,065 hectares of state forest. Source: Directorate of Social Forestry Development, Ministry of Forestry

[3] Ministry of Forestry (MoF) 2012.