Learning Interventions

Learning Interventions

Sharing and learning network

ASFCC have worked with ASEAN countries to strengthen and promote social forestry approaches, particularly in the context of, and in response to, climate change. As part of its activities, a Learning Group (LG), a sharing and learning forum made of representatives from ASEAN countries and ASFCC partners was established and this activity is recognized as a flagship activity of ASFN and ASFCC.


Attended by representatives from ASEAN countries and ASFCC Partners who are working with community forestry (CF) issues, three LG workshops were organized in Chainat (3-7 September 2012), Chiang Mai (18-23 February 2013) and Bangkok (1-4 July 2013). The LG members have developed a series of stories from ASEAN countries showcasing successful experiences practice of SF from the communities.


The LG members have also contributed greatly in the development of ASFN publication ‘Current Status of Social Forestry in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the ASEAN Region’, which was published and launched in May 2014, by providing national level data on social forestry and climate change. The Learning Group has been a landmark activity of ASFCC and it is highlighted in the report of the external review as ‘notable move to better manage the knowledge being generated’.


The report suggested that the concept of Learning Group should be embedded under the overarching set of actions of ASFCC. It is also suggested that the learning group should be strengthened to support the semi-annual interactions between ASFN Leaders/Focal points and other partners by providing references. RECOFTC aims to upscale and modify the concept of the learning group so it can be tailored to the emerging issues each year. Workshops will be organized to provide updated reference based on the sharing and learning results of the LG participants.