Updated National Data:  Federation of Malaysia

Total Population

28,334,000 people in 2010

Rural Population

7,895,482 (World Bank) 

28% of total population

Total land area (excluding inland water bodies)

32,984,000 ha

Total forested area

20,465,000 ha

62% total land area

Actual Forest Cover

20,465,000 ha

62% total land area

Production forest

12,739,000 ha

 62% of total forest area

Protected forest- soil and water

2,694,000 ha

13% of total forest area

Protected forest- biodiversity

1,946,000 ha

9.5% of total forest area

Forest under community management

Data not available

Carbon stocks

In above & below ground living biomass: 3212 Mt

In litter : 43 Mt

In soil : Data not available

Deforestation rates (forest cover)

Average – 87,000 per year 2005-2010

Average -0.42% per year 2005-2010 (FAO 2010b)

Deforestation rates (natural forest )

Average -128,000 ha per year 2005-2010

Average- 0.64% per year 2005-2010 (FAO 2010b)

Social /community forestry policies/programmes

Joint Forest Management

Community –based Natural Resource Management

Small Grants Programme to promote Tropical Forests

Community Forestry Development Project

Climate Change Mitigation policies/programmes

Malaysian Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project

Biomass-based Power Generation and Co-generation in the Palm Oil Industry (BioGen)

Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Comparative studies on carbon sequestration

CDM project in energy, waste and agriculture

Kinabatangan Corridor Research Project, Sabah

Climate Change Adaptation policies/programmes

Second National Communication Project

MMD climate change modeling studies

Climate change and relationships to disease

Impact of Climate Change on water Resources

National Coastal Vulnerability Index Study

Study on Effective water Resource Management

Conservation and sustainable Use of Tropical Peat Swamp Forest and Wetlands Ecosystems

National Self-Assessment for Capacity Building Needs for Global Environment Management