Updated National Data:  The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Total population

58.6 million (2010)

Rural population

Approximately 41,020,000

Approximately 70 % of the total population

Total land area

65,755,000 ha (excluding inland water bodies)

Total area defined as forest

31,773,000 ha in 2010 

Total forest cover

31,773,000 ha in 2010 

48% of the total land area

Production Forest

19,633,000 ha

62% of total forest area

Protected Forest – soil and water

1,352,000 ha 

4 % of total forest area

Protected forest – biodiversity conservation

3,510,685 ha

4.2% of total forest area (36 PAs established, 7 PAs proposed)

Area of Community Forestry

42,148 ha in 2010

Carbon Stocks

In above and below ground living biomass: 1,653 Mt

In litter: 67 Mt

In soil: Data not available

Rate of deforestation (natural forest)

Average annual change -309,000

0.91 % (2010)

Social/community forestry programmes/ activities

Taungya agro forestry system (since 1856)

Forest Law (1992)

Myanmar Forest Policy (1995)

Community Forestry Instructions (1995)

Forest Master Plan (2001)

Review on Community Forestry by Ecosystem Conservation and Community Development Initiative & University East Anglia (2011)

UNDP, TNRP, Comfort Project (JICA)

CF training for government staff and communities in Taungyi District by MOECAF and Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd., Japan

RECOFTC activities on Community Forestry