Updated National Data:  Republic of the Philippines

Total Population

92,337,852 in May 2010 (National Statistical Coordination Board)   

Rural Population

33,600,000 in 2010 (World Bank 2012).


Total land area (excluding inland water bodies)

29,692,419 ha

Total forest land


Total forested area

7,168,400 ha in 2003 (Forestry Statistics 2011)

24.1% of total land area

45% of total forest land

Production forest

5,376,000 ha

75% of total forest area

Protected forest – soil and water



Protected forest – biodiversity conservation

3,570,000 ha 113 PA proclaimed

223,844 ha Buffer Zone (PAWB-Biodiversity Conservation Division)

Forest under community


4,003,354.91 ha 

55.8% of total forest area

Carbon stocks

Above ground biomass  1,566 Mt (FRA)

Below ground biomass- 376 Mt

Rates of deforestation (natural forest)

Average annual rate 42,643/ha (based on 1988 Forest Resource Inventory vis-à-vis 2003 NAMRIA data (DENR presentation 2012)

Social/Community Forestry Programmes/activities

Established by Executive Order 263 adopting Community-Based Forest Management as national strategy for sustainable development of forest resources.

Climate Change Mitigation policies & programmes

Executive Order 774 – Reorganizing Presidential Task Force on Climate Change

Philippine Climate Change Act (2009) RA 9729

National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP)

Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP)

National Framework Strategy on Climate Change (NFSCC)

Executive Order 881 on REDD+ planning and development

UNREDD observer partner

Philippines National REDD+ Strategy (PNRPS) developed and approved by DENR (2010).

REDD+ demonstration activities in 5 locations

Climate Change Adaptation policies & programmes

Philippines Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation 2010 -2022

Climate change adaptation projects implemented by DENR, some local governments and international development partners.