Updated National Data:  The Kingdom of Thailand

Total Population (2013)


Rural Population (2013)


Total land area (excluding water bodies)

51,300,000 ha

Designated forest area

22,400,000 ha

43% of total land area

Actual forest cover

17,200,000 ha

33% of total land area

76% of designated forest area

Conserved forest

7,400,000 ha

33% of forest area

National forest

7,500,000 ha

33.5% of forest area

Production Forest


Protected forest – soil and water


Protected forest – biodiversity conservation


Forest under community management

Over 8,500 sites registered with RFD, covering 500,000 ha

Carbon stocks

880 Mt C

Rates of deforestation (total forest)


Rates of deforestation (natural forest)

-0.57% per year[1]

Social/community forestry programs / activities

Community forest registration

Food security program

Urban forestry promotion

Forest conservation voluntary program

Climate Change Mitigation policies and programmes 

National Action Plan on Climate Change (2000) 

National Strategic Plan on Climate Change

Climate change Master Plan (2012 -2050)

Forest rehabilitation program within degraded lands

Private plantation promotion

Low Carbon Development

REDD+ initiative activity

Climate Change Adaptation policies and programmes 

Climate change Master Plan (2012 -2050)

Green Investment Policy

Food security promotion within community forest