Viet Nam

Viet Nam

Updated National Data:  The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Total Population

87,840,000 in 2011(Vietnam GSO)

Rural Population

59,951,800 in 2011 (Vietnam GSO

72% of total population

Total land area (excluding inland water bodies)

33,095,760 ha (Vietnam GSO*)

Total forest land

15,188,740 ha in 2010 (VNFOREST 2013)

46% total land area

Total forested area (forest cover)

13,515,064 ha -

39.7% of total land area

89% of forest land (VNFOREST)

Production Forests

6,677,105 ha

50% of total forest area

Protected forest- soil & water

4,644,404 ha

35% of total forest area

Special used Forests- biodiversity conservation)

2,011,261 ha

15% of total forest area

Forest under community management

Forest allocated to communities: 298,984 ha

Forest allocated to households: 3,510,336 ha (VNFOREST 2013)

Carbon stocks

In above & below ground living biomass: 992 Mt

In litter: 72 Mt

In soil: 651 Mt

Forest cover change

+149, 727 ha (+1.19%) per year 2006-2011  (VNFOREST 2013)

Social/community forestry policies/programmes

Community Forest Management -Forest Protection & Development Law

Pilot Community Forest Management Project (CFMP1) 2006-2009

Strengthening Community Forestry in Vietnam Project (CFMP2) June 2012 -December 2013

Climate Change Mitigation policies/programmes

National Target Programme (NTP) on Climate Change

UN-REDD partner country

CDM – A/R in Hoa Binh Province (funded by JICA/Honda)

PES – National PES Pilot Policy (Decision 380/QĐ-TTg date 10/04/2008) and pilots in Lam Dong (Winrock International) and Son La (GIZ)

Pilot project in Bac Kan province under RUPES.

National policy to upscale PES nationwide in effect from 1stJanuary 2011 (Decree 99/2010/NĐ-CP date 24/09/2010)

National REDD programme development underway

Climate Change Adaptation  policies/ programmes

National Target Programme (NTP) to respond to Climate Change (Decision 158/2008/QĐ-TTg)

Action Plan Framework (APF) for Adaptation and Mitigation for Climate Change in Agriculture & Rural Development Sector 2008-2020 was launched by MARD in 2008.